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Grounds Maintenance
Our Mowing Advantage
Over 60 years of combined turf care means we understand lawn care and mowing functions. Proper mowing height for the season, blade sharpness and trimming techniques combined with cultural practises work together to create a healthy lawn that suppresses weed growth naturally. Our specialists will monitor the landscape weekly for insects, disease, and watering to provide the very best in landscape maintenance available. We use the best hydraulic mowers in the industry to create a cut that will leave a lasting impression.

• More than just cutting lawns
• Proper mowing procedures for healthy lawns
• Weekly landscape monitoring report
• Healthy lawns resist weeds on their own
• Best equipment in the industry

Core Aeration
Over time, soil becomes compacted and undesirable for healthy lawn growth. This process removes a 2"-3" core from the soil to improve air, water, and nutrient exchange. This procedure is the best way to promote healthy lawn which reduces weeds naturally. Aerating should be part of an annual lawn maintenance program.

• Stimulates root growth
• Enhances water, air and nutrient exchange
• Reduces thatch
• Reduces weed growth naturally

Thatch is a layer of dead plant material that accumulates above the soil and below the grass blades. When the thatch layer is too deep, the lawn will begin to thin. Thatch will keep water, air and nutrients from getting to the roots. Lawns with excessive thatch tend to have shallow roots and are more likely to have problems with disease. Dethatching in the spring is the best time to promote a healthy lawn for the season.

• Improves water, air and nutrient exchange
• Breakdown releases plant available nutrients
• Encourages deeper roots and thicker blades
• Provides more oxygen to the air
• Reduces weed growth naturally

Fertilizing and Weed Control
Spring, Summer and Fall. Our organic or traditional programs can be customized for your property and budget. We use only the finest quality products designed for our soils and conditions which are applied by certified IPM professionals who undergo continuous training.


• Certified IPM technicians
• Lawn inspection and monitoring
• Encourages healthy turf & reduces weeds
• Customized organic or traditional programs

Lawn Irrigation Maintenance

Our turf and irrigation specialists have fully stocked trucks as well as experience and diagnostic skills to quickly do repairs saving you time and money. Our technicians are dedicated to irrigation repair and can be there the next day to perform the necessary service call. From sprinkler system start-ups with zone-by-zone inspection, to winterizing and seasonal maintenance they are ready to provide expert and dependable service.

• Irrigation specialists
• Fully stocked trucks
• Quick response times
• Maintain healthy turf

Shrub and Flower Bed Maintenance
A healthy, well groomed shrub and flower bed will accent and add prestige to your property. Our horticulturists can prepare, plant and take care of your shrub and flower beds throughout the season with mulch, fertilizing and weeding on a predetermined schedule.

• Experienced horticulturists
• Customized schedules
• Maintain plant health

Optimize your tree and shrub health, structure, and beauty with pruning by our trained and qualified staff. We can take care of both conifer and deciduous trees and shrubs; large or small.

• Healthier plants
• Encourage development
• Improved appearance
• Greatly reduces the need for pest control
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